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The Most Unique Pendant Lights to Brighten Your Stunning Kitchen Island

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Unique Pendant Lights ~ You might want different and unique lights for your kitchen decoration. Some examples of unique pendant lights will suit you.

PurpleRoomDesign.com, Pendant lights are lighting as well as furniture commonly used for decoration for the interior. Some rooms deliberately use pendant lights to give a certain atmosphere of lighting in the space.

However, not all rooms and design concepts can match the use of pendant light. If the room and decoration concept do not match the pendant lights, but still forced to use it, the result will be messed up.

Kitchens, dining room, and living rooms are rooms that can apply pendant light in their decorations. The existence of beautiful and hanging lights will provide attractive visuals if the use is right. There are 2 kinds of visuals that are presented by using pendant lights – visually when the lights turned off and visually when you turn on the lights.

To provide maximum visual decoration, you must choose the right pendant lights too. For example by choosing pendant lights with unique shapes. One place that really needs pendant lights is the kitchen island.

8 Unique Pendant Lights to Charm Your Kitchen Island

The following unique pendant lights will be the right inspiration for decorating your kitchen island.

1. The modern pendant lights

pendant lights at bunnings

The modern pendant lights will be suitable for your kitchen in a modern or minimalist style. You can use this pendant lights with the same color tone as the kitchen.

2. Jellyfish crystal lights

pendant lights for bars

This jellyfish-shaped pendant lights will be suitable for the kitchen island with a luxurious and modern concept. When the lights are turned on, the lighting will look very beautiful and awesome.

3. Drum pendant lights

pendant lights over island

If your kitchen is spacious enough, try decorating it with these drum-shaped pendant lights. The size of large pendant lights will be suitable for your spacious kitchen.

4. Japanese cute lights

pendant lights for hallways

Some kitchens with Asian or Japanese themes will match these cute pendant lights. Besides being cute, these pendant lights also look modern and minimalist.

5. Small bulb pendant lights

pendant lights for kitchen uk

The bulb-shaped pendant lights are already widely used. But you can use small bulb pendant lights like this to make it look different and attractive. If the lighting is dim, you can increase the number of lights to be quite bright.

6. The big mushroom lights

pendant lights for bedside

You can use a large Enoki mushroom shaped pendant like this to make your kitchen look different. With this form, besides providing beauty, these pendant lights will also provide good lighting when you are having dinner.

7. The artistic leaves covered bulb

pendant lights for sale

The artistic leaves covered bulb may be suitable for those of you who want unique pendant lights in your kitchen. Don’t forget to adjust this lamp with other furniture to make it look united with your design concept.

8. The bridge lights for red kitchen cabinets

pendant lights with edison bulbs

Do you use red kitchen cabinets in your kitchen design? If it’s true, try to use these pendant lights to combine them. Your kitchen will be spectacular.

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Hopefully these lights can be your inspiration in decorating your dream kitchen.

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