teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms

10 Surprisingly Cool Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

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Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms ~ You might have some trouble in finding the best bedroom design your teenage boys or girls. The following ideas will help you realize their dream bedroom.

PurpleRoomDesign.com, The bedrooms for children are usually designed smaller than the master bedroom. This aims to save space and maximize other space. In addition, bedrooms for children usually only accommodate 1 person without much equipment. Unlike the master bedroom which is occupied by 2 people and requires a lot of space to walk in the closet and bathroom.

When they were children they could sleep comfortably in their bedrooms despite their small size. But when they grow to become a teenager, you are required to redesign or redecorate the bedroom. You might need to change the theme, furniture, or color of the room to suit your teen boy or girl.

Unlike children, teens need beds that are comfortable and suitable for their soul. Because of that, re-decorating their rooms is the best idea. You might need teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms.

10 Best Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

The following teenage bedroom ideas for small rooms can be your inspiration in finding the right design ideas.

1. Purple bedroom for teenage girl

teenage bedroom ideas

This bedroom design is very sweet for your teenage girl. To save space, use the multifunction-bed like this. When not in use, it can be transformed to couch. At the bottom of the bed, there are also cabinets that can be used for wardrobe storage.

2. The modern and cool bedroom for teen boys

teenage bedroom wallpaper

Actually, this bedroom is not spacious. But because of its cool and stylish decor, you will forget how wide it is. Everything will change with impressions of amazement. This design is perfect for your teenage boy.

3. The soccer boy room

teenage bedroom furniture

Some boys may like soccer. This design will be suitable for those who like soccer. Although this room is quite small, with a simple design and the right color makes it cozy for boys.

4. Sweet two-tone color small bedroom for girls

childrens bedroom furniture sets

The purple wall makes this bedroom very sweet for the teen girls. The combination of the purple wall with white floor makes it so perfect. For the final touch, you can design white cabinets and bed to make this room become more elegant.

5. Simple and dynamic bedroom for boys

teenage bedroom designer

With a grand wallpaper, you don’t need to design this boy’s room too much. Only a simple design with plain furniture will make it so perfect.

6. Cute teenage girl bedroom

childrens bedroom ideas

Pink bedrooms are always liked by girls. You can combine it with white cabinets and bed to give a different touch. Simple but will be loved by teenage girls.

7. Simple and modern small room for a teenage girl

childrens bedroom paint ideas

A teenage girl may have a large collection of dolls, shoes, or bags that need more space in the room. You can solve it by making the cabinets on one side of the room to store their collection. The rest, you can set it to minimalist to keep it from being crowded.

8. Two layers bedroom for boys

ikea bedroom planner

To be shared it for two boys, you can design a bedroom with two layers bedroom like this. Apart from the shape, make sure the bed support on the top layer is strong enough to be safe for your two boys.

9. Modern and minimalist theme for girls

bed bath and beyond flyer

Your teen girl will definitely love the modern and minimalist bedroom design like this. You can copy this design to surprise her.

10. The wooden room with navy blue touch for boys

childrens ikea

A bedroom with a wooden theme might be boring for boys. But with some navy blue touch, the bedroom will be the perfect teenage boy bedroom.

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Now you can give a sweet surprise of a cool bedroom for them. They will love it.

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