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Studio Apartment Layout: 8 Brilliant Ideas to Make it Spacious

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Studio Apartment Layout ~ What is the layout tricks so that the studio apartment is spacious? We will give you a few tips., Every year property prices always increase due to population growth. The population that is not in accordance with the availability of housing makes everyone have to be creative in finding a place to live.

In ancient times, we could still easily find a large house with a large yard yet the lower price. However, the more days the price of housing rises makes some people move to apartments.

The price of an apartment unit is also not cheap. The wider the apartment, the more expensive the price will be. If this is the case, the studio apartment is the best solution to get a decent place to stay at a cheaper price.

An apartment studio does have a limited area because of its cheaper price than a luxury house or apartment. Therefore, the layout of the studio apartment must be arranged properly so as not to make it narrow.

The selection of furniture, color combinations, and the layout of all furniture must be designed well to get a cozy studio apartment despite its limited area. Because a little mistake will make your apartment studio look messy and narrow.

8 Best Studio Apartment Layout Ideas to Make it Spacious

Some of the following apartment layout studio ideas might help you decorate a cozy and elegant studio apartment with a limited area.

1. Avoid using partitions in the studio apartment

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Partitioning between rooms is something you need to avoid in decorating a studio apartment. Using partitions will make your apartment studio even narrower. You simply put all furniture based on function in a room without partition. That will make your apartment look spacious.

2. Simple bed with multi-layer shelves

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The existence of a large bed will affect the size of your apartment studio. You should use a simple bed to make your bedroom more spacious. Use multi-layer shelves to store important equipment in your room.

3. Maximize the use of windows

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The existence of the windows in a studio apartment is very important. The windows are the superstar to create an indoor landscape so that it makes your apartment room look spacious and cozy. You might need a little natural touch on your windows.

4. The concept of Scandinavian design into the studio apartment

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The Scandinavian design concept with the dominance of wood elements and white themes will suit your studio apartment. Your studio apartment now looks simple but still cool and elegant.

5. Concentrate on furniture on only one side

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You can concentrate on furniture only on one side in your studio apartment. Thus the other side will be roomy. However, you must make sure all your furniture is neatly arranged with the right lighting.

6. Place the bed at the top area

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Bed layout is the most difficult thing in decorating a small studio apartment. You can put the bed at the top area that is reached by the stairs. This means your apartment seems to have 2 floors.

7. Multifunctional furniture for small spaces

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The use of multifunctional furniture will be very helpful in your apartment studio. An example is the beds that can be multifunctional like this. When during the day you can transform it into a desk.

8. Use the best lighting for your apartment studio

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You must remember that lighting is the most important factor in the design of a small room. Use the right lighting so that the room looks wider. You can use a combination of lamps and sunlight to give a warm and comfortable impression to your apartment.

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Hopefully, the ideas and tricks could work to make your apartment studio become wider and cozy.

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