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7 Stone Fireplace Ideas to Warm up Your Living Room

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Stone Fireplace Ideas ~ Are you looking for stone fireplace ideas for decorating your living room? Some of the following ideas will help you., The fireplace is one of the functional elements that must be available in many houses. The existence of a fireplace will become the most important when the winter is coming. For that, you need a fireplace to keep your room warm when winter is happening.

At present many modern homes may use electric heaters to keep the room temperature warm. However, sometimes some designers still place a fireplace in modern design. The existence of the fireplace can be as a spare for heater or as decoration.

One of the most used fireplace models is the stone fireplace. This is because, in the past, fireplace designs did use the stone to deliver the heat.

7 Stone Fireplace Decor Ideas for Living Room

You might agree to keep using stone as a material in decorating a fireplace. Besides being natural, the use of stone on the fireplace also makes the room heat faster and has its material have high durability.

The following stone fireplace ideas can be your inspiration in designing a stone fireplace.

1. TV above the stone fireplace

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In a living room with a limited area, you can put it together with a TV. You put the TV in the position above the stone fireplace. Several cabinets behind the fireplace can make your room neater and more beautiful.

2. Cool fireplace in Mid-Mediterranean decor

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In mid-Mediterranean décor, you can add a fireplace in the living room. Beside can warm the room, the existence of a fireplace in this design looks very cool and perfect.

3. The stone fireplace in a modern and classy living room

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The existence of a fireplace in modern decor is actually not to warm the room, but as an accent, that beautifies the room. You can adjust the stone material in the fireplace with the concept of your room to make your room look classy.

4. The natural living room with the natural fireplace

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A natural living room design might require a fireplace that is 100% natural to reinforce the natural impression of the room. With a combination of very dominant wood elements, this room is indeed made very natural and cozy.

5. A modern fireplace in the lakeside home

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The house located lakeside is indeed designed with many windows to maximize the view of the beautiful landscape outside. You can add a modern fireplace right on the same side with a window to beautify your living room.

6. The stone fireplace in the luxury outdoor living room

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The outdoor living room is a cozy place to sit when it’s summer or spring. But when winter is happening, you will need a fireplace if you want to sit there. A fireplace in the luxury outdoor living room like this looks very cool and elegant.

7. The stone fireplace that blends with the wall

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The concept of the stone fireplace that blends with the wall might be an alternative design for your home. Look at the example of this idea design. Everything looks perfect.

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Hopefully, these stone fireplace ideas can help you realize your dream living room.

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