Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Make it Fell Luxurious

7 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Make it Fell Luxurious

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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas ~ If you want to remodel, redesign and renovating your bathroom because it’s too narrow, some of the ideas below may help you realize your dream luxury bathroom., The bathroom is a every day we must visit room. A bathroom is not only used for taking a bath, but also as a place to find ideas or meditation. A comfortable bathroom will make us relax while from tiring activities.

A good bathroom not only means good sanitation, but as a place for ideas to flow. Therefore, many people have to spend a lot of money to remodel their bathroom.

There are people who have spacious bathrooms, but there are also many houses that only have small bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom, don’t be disappointed because these some small bathroom remodel ideas will help you realize your dream bathroom.

7 Small Bathroom Design Ideas to Make it Fell Luxurious

Some small bathroom remodel ideas will make your bathroom look wider, but still retain its main function.

1. Placing the water closet adjacent to the lavatory will save you a lot of space

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Water closet and lavatory are two bathroom appliances that will make the bathroom narrow placed them into wrong lying. The best solution is to put them side by side on the same side. So that, other space can be used for other appliances.

2. Use the same color bathtub with the closet and lavatory

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A bathtub with the match color with a closet and lavatory will make the bathroom more elegant and not crowded. You also need to pay attention to the placement of the bathtub so that your bathroom looks wider.

For a small bathroom, you have to put a bathtub at the end of the bathroom or near the wall. If the bathtub is placed in the middle, your bathroom will become narrower.

3. Use glass to restrict wet areas and dry areas in the bathroom

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You can use glass to restrict wet areas and dry areas in the bathroom. Or using a curtain with the same color as the wall is also good.

Do not restrict the wet area and dry area by using a wall or glass block because it will take a lot of space.

4. Create shelves to put toiletries outside the bathroom

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Toiletries are a number of troublesome items to be placed in the bathroom. If the placement is wrong, toiletries will make your bathroom not luxurious and elegant.

In addition, if your bathroom is not too spacious, toiletries will make it crowded and narrow. The solution is, you can make floating shelves and put them outside the bathroom.

5. If you don’t use a bathtub, replace it with a transparent shower box

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A transparent thower box is the best idea if your bathroom does not use a bathtub. Do not choose a shower box with dark color or too colorful because it will make your bathroom not elegant.

A transparent shower box is the best solution to make your bathroom look spacious.

6. Don’t forget about lighting and the right color of the wall

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Lighting and wall color selection is very important to make your bathroom look more spacious. You can choose bright lighting with white and black wall’s color to make it more spacious and luxurious.

7. Place a beautiful plant in the bathroom

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A beautiful plant not only makes you forget for a moment about your bathroom that is not spacious, but also can give a natural impression to make you relax. So, you can enjoy your bath with a beautiful plant.

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The existence of a comfortable bathroom is the most important thing in decorating a house. So make the bathroom as beautiful as possible in your home.

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