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Small Apartment Living Room Ideas: 8 Ideas to Make It Spacious and Cozy

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Small Apartment Living Room Ideas ~ How to make a small apartment living room look more spacious and maximize its function? The following are the ideas!, There are many reasons for someone choosing to live in an apartment. Besides being more practical and inexpensive, the apartment is also equipped with a sophisticated security system. With a sophisticated security system, you will be better protected from criminal acts that might happen.

In addition, the design of an apartment is also not complicated because it has smaller rooms than the house. You only have to set the use of furniture, the color selection, and the material to maximize the using of space.

Moreover, a small apartment will require a more minimalist design and less partition to maximize the potential in the room.

8 Small Apartment Living Room Ideas to Make It More Spacious

One of the most important rooms in the design of the apartment is the living room. The living room is the main room that allows you to do many activities. You will also spend a lot of time in the living room.

Therefore, the design must be appropriate and appropriate. Especially if your apartment is small.

Some of the ideas below might help you that are looking for small apartment living room ideas.

1. Use the floor to ceiling windows

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The use of the floor to ceiling windows in your living room apartment not only makes it more spacious but can maximize the view of the whole city. So, you can present a beautiful landscape while relaxing enjoying coffee in the living room.

2. Less partition or combine more than one room

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The best way to making your living room look more spacious and cozy is to avoid partition or less partition. You can combine the living room with the dining room without partition. This will make your apartment’s room more tidy and spacious.

3. Use the Scandinavian theme for the living room

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Scandinavian themes with white dominance will make your small apartment living room look more modern and beautiful. You can add natural accents at several angles so that your room is not too monotonous.

4. Avoid excessive furniture

apartment living room layout

The excessive use of couches and furniture will only make your living room narrower. If your apartment is only filled with 2 or 3 people, you can simply put a couch with 3 seats – with other minimalist furniture.

5. A minimalist theme for small apartment living room

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The minimalist theme is always suitable for rooms that are not too large. With the use of furniture and minimalist selection of colors, the room will look more elegant and modern.

6. The contemporary living room with a Japanese touch

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Japanese theme designs are always suitable for small rooms that do not require excessive furniture. Contemporary design with the Japanese touch will present an attractive, elegant and modern living room even though the room is small.

7. The wood element on the floor will make your small apartment look spacious

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The use of wood elements on the floor will make your small apartment look spacious as long as it is combined with the right furniture. For wall design, you can use modern and minimalist concepts to make it more elegant.

8. Use the right lighting for your small apartment living room

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The right lighting will also affect the beauty of your apartment’s living room. With the right lighting, your apartment not only looks neater and wider but also becomes cozier.

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Hopefully you like one of these design ideas for your apartment.

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