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Cozy and Natural Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

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Scandinavian Living Room ~ How to make a cozy and natural living room with Scandinavian design concepts? We will help you find that idea.

What is Scandinavian design?, The Scandinavian design is an interior design concept inspired by countries in Northern Europe – Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. But in its development, this design feature expanded to include several countries around the North Pole, such as Finland, Iceland, and Greenland. This is because there are many historical and cultural similarities in these countries.

The main feature of the Scandinavian design concept is using natural materials, for example, the dominance of wood elements in the design. In addition, the Scandinavian interior design also uses pale and monochrome colors. White is the most widely used color for Scandinavian interior design.

Scandinavian interior design can also be seen from the visual of the room. Generally, Scandinavian-style home interiors have open interiors with many windows users. Because Scandinavian design styles originally came from cold regions, they needed a lot of sunlight to warm the room.

Currently, Scandinavian design is widely applied to living rooms. Living rooms that apply Scandinavian design concepts will look natural and minimalist at the same time – without leaving an elegant impression.

9 Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas to Make It Light and Stylish

The following examples of Scandinavian living room design ideas can help those of you who want to have a natural, light, and stylish living room.

1. The Scandinavian living room with bay windows

scandinavian design

The existence of windows in interior design with the Scandinavian concept is very important. With enough sunlight, the house will be warmer. You can combine the Scandinavian concept design with bay windows like the following idea. 

2. Floor to ceiling windows with ethnic ornaments

scandinavian design center

The existence of the floor to ceiling windows will provide the limitless landscape in your living room. You can add some ethnic ornaments to the carpet or pillow like this.

3. The Scandinavian room without partition

scandinavian design furniture

One characteristic of Scandinavian design is a room without partition. Look at how cool this design is. This living room seems unlimited because it blends with the other rooms.

4. The snowy white living room

scandinavian bedroom

The white dominant color is one of the Scandinavian design main characteristics. To provide another color in the snowy white room, you can add several live plants or wooden ornaments. So you can still maintain the natural impression in the room.

5. The monochrome concept in Scandinavian living room

scandinavian house

If the white in all rooms is too ordinary, you can combine white with black. It aims to give a minimalist impression in your Scandinavian concept room. Attention to this monochrome room. Everything is so cool.

6. Wall hanging with a monochrome concept

home interior design ideas

You can not only apply the monochrome concept for a whole room, but the wall hanging with a monochrome concept is also beautiful. You can add wooden chairs and tables to strengthen your Scandinavian design.

7. The many windows for living room

scandinavian design store

Because of the influence of the cold Scandinavian country, the design must use a lot of windows to maximize heat from the sun into the room. You can use the gray sofa in your living room to synchronize to the white walls.

8. The wooden floor is a must in Scandinavian design

scandinavian dining room

The use of wood floors is a must in the Scandinavian concept design. Some people prefer to paint the wood in white to match the color of the wall. The others prefer to maintain the original color of wood.

9. The modern Scandinavian design with natural plants

scandinavian living room style

Some minimalist furniture will make your Scandinavian room look modern. As a compliment, you can add some green plants as a natural touch in your living room.

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Basically, the design with the Scandinavian concept is very easy to implement because you can get some elements in the design easily.

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