Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets: 10 To-do Lists to Renew Your Kitchen

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Repainting Kitchen Cabinets ~ Do your kitchen cabinets look dirty and dull? Maybe it’s time you repainting your cabinets. Here’s what you have to do in repainting your kitchen cabinets, The kitchen is an interior room that gets dirty quickly if the cooking frequency is high enough. Some areas in the kitchen such as kitchen cabinets, cooking utensils, stoves, and ceilings must be periodically shed. If not, the kitchen will become dirty and unhygienic.

Sometimes cleaning the kitchen is not easy. Some areas such as kitchen sets often have stains that are difficult to clean. If you let it will affect the visual of the kitchen as a whole. The best solution is to repaint them.

Repainting furniture in the kitchen can not only remove stains and renew them physically. But also you can renew the theme of the kitchen by changing the color.

You can save money if you do your own painting instead of using professional painters. All you have to do is prepare all the equipment used and do the steps step by step correctly.

10 Ways in Repainting Kitchen Cabinets to Renew it

The following is the correct step by step tutorial for repainting your kitchen cabinets.

1. Set up a temporary kitchen

repainting kitchen cupboards

First, you must prepare a temporary kitchen before starting the repainting process. This temporary kitchen serves as a temporary emergency kitchen that will be used while the kitchen is renovated.

You can make a temporary kitchen in the garage or in your open living room – even in the backyard. The temporary kitchen does not have to be good, as long as its function as a cooking place is fulfilled.

2. Empty kitchen cabinets

You have to empty the kitchen cabinets and remove all kitchen equipment in them. This is intended so that the kitchen equipment does not interfere with the repainting process.

Move all your kitchen equipment to the area around the temporary kitchen or warehouse. Try to keep your whole kitchen empty of items and nothing to miss.

3. Create the new color design your renew cabinets

After all of your kitchen equipment has been moved, now is the time to design the new color for your cabinets. Actually, you can maintain the same color as before. But most people prefer repainting in different colors.

In addition to providing different visuals, these different colors will make your kitchen look new overall. You can choose the new color for your kitchen using some software or see the latest kitchen designs on the internet.

4. Protect the countertops and floor with paper

repainting kitchen cabinets cost

Painting cabinets is a messy job. Just a little mistake, the rest of the kitchen will be exposed to paint. The easiest way to protect the other parts from splashed with paint is to cover them with paper.

You can use any paper, or even used newspapers to cover your countertops. Besides that, you also need to cover the floor too. Because if they are splashed with paint, it will be a new problem for you.

5. Remove all doors and drawers

repainting kitchen cabinets diy

Use a screwdriver to remove all doors and drawers from kitchen cabinets. Label each door and drawer that you removed earlier. If not, you will have difficulty installing it again.

You might need a piece of paper to sketch your kitchen cabinets and give them the number of the parts that were removed earlier. This number must be matched with the label on the doors and drawers that you removed.

6. Clean your kitchen cabinets

Kitchens that are often used for cooking will definitely be dirty. Some parts of your cabinets may be exposed to oil that is difficult to remove. You can clean it using liquid dishwashing.

But for the best results, we recommend that you use oil and grease remover to clean your kitchen cabinets. Follow the instructions and start cleaning your cabinets.

7. Sand the kitchen cabinets

After your cabinets are cleaned completely and dry, now is the time to sand them. You can use a palm sander so that your work is faster than sand it manually.

Look for sandpaper or sanding sponge with 100-grit or 120-grit. Don’t choose the wrong grit because the results won’t be good.

After the sanding process, you have to clean the cabinets once again using a brush.

8. Filling the cabinets with primer

repainting kitchen cabinets ideas

After the sanding process is complete and your cabinets are clean, now is the time for filling the cabinets with primer. Use fast-drying primer so that your coating process is faster and work time becomes efficient.

After the primer is dry, repeat step 7 in your cabinets. This aims to flatten the wood surface after the filling process.

Now you need to clean the dust that appears because of the sanding filling process. Use a vacuum cleaner to destroy all the dust from your cabinets.

9. Apply paint to the cabinets

repainting cabinets

Now we go into the most important process – painting the cabinets. Prepare the liquid paint, brush, and mini roller. Read carefully the instructions before you apply the paint. You can start the painting process slowly and neatly to the entire surface on the cabinets.

If the process is complete, you need to wait for the first layer to dry before painting the second layer. For best results, you have to paint in 2 or 3 times depending on the paint instructions from the paint you are using.

10. Replace all doors and drawers

After the paint is completely dry, you can replace all the doors and drawers. Use sketch and the number on step 5 so that you are not mistaken.

repainting old furniture

Before using it again, you have to wait at least 24 hours first so that the paint is completely dry.

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Now the repainting kitchen cabinets process has been completely finished and your cabinets will return to the new cabinets. Happy cooking in your new kitchen!

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