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8 Clever DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas for Your Small House Decor

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Pallet shelves ideas ~ How to decorate pallets into beautiful and useful shelves? Some of these ideas will make your decoration work fun., The pallet is the main tool used in the distribution of goods. Generally, the pallet is made of wood neatly arranged using nails. Pallets are used to place items so that they can be transported using a forklift.

Transporting goods for long distances uses mostly wooden pallets. Once used, the pallet can be discarded or fueled in the fireplace.

However, with creativity, you can recycle pallet into something artistic. Some shelves for placing wall displays at home can be made from a pallet. Decorating using pallet shelves makes your home cool and beautiful.

You can create several shelves from the palette after it used in transporting goods. You only need examples and some simple tools to turn the pallet into beautiful shelves.

Some of these pallet shelves ideas might help you. You can make it yourself based on this example or ask your carpenter for help to make it.

8 DIY Pallet Shelves Ideas with Customizable Designs

These simple pallet shelves ideas are very easy to make. You can make it yourself at home.

1. Use the pallet shelves to make this beautiful decoration

pallet shelves ideas

This beautiful decoration is made using a pallet with a little creativity. You only need a hammer and nails to turn a pallet into this beautiful shelf.

2. This simple decoration is easy to make

pallet shelves diy

You can make your own simple decorations from these pallet shelves. You just put a display in the form of a doll or cactus to make it beautiful.

3. Simple and cheap television rack

pallet shelves for sale

Now you have a cheap and cool television rack. You just need pallets to make a television rack. Isn’t this a good idea?

4. You can put a shelf pallet in the kitchen

pallet shelves for garage

Cooking equipment is sometimes troublesome because it makes the kitchen not neat. You can put a shelf pallet in the kitchen to make it useful. You can put your kitchen equipment with this simple idea.

5. This bookshelf is made of pallet

pallet shelves plan

You don’t need to buy an expensive bookshelf to put your favorite books. With this idea, you will have a nice bookshelf.

6. With a little paint, you now have an outdoor wall display

pallet shelves for outdoor wall display

This beautiful outdoor wall display is only made of a pallet. You can cover it with paint to make it resistant to the weather.

7. Your bathroom is neater with this shelf

pallet shelves for bathroom

Some toiletries can be hung using this pallet shelf. Now your bathroom is neater. You can make it yourself because it’s very easy to make.

8. The shoe storage

pallet shelves diy

This cool shoe storage was made from pallets. You might need several palettes to make these shoe storage. But the results are very beautiful and artistic.

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From these ideas, you can now make your own shelves from unused pallets. You can also sell your artificial shelves to your friends.

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