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Expand Your Living Space with 7 Best Outdoor Living Room Ideas

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Outdoor Living Room ~ Do you want a living room that is directly integrated with nature? Some of these living room ideas might help you realize your limitless living room.

PurpleRoomDesign.com, The living room is the most memorable place at home. In the living room, you can spend a lot of time with your family. You can also chat with guests for a long time in the living room.

There are many ideas that you can use to create a living room theme. You can apply modern, classic, natural, minimalist, and another theme. Some designers also combine both or more concepts to create a unique and attractive design.

Generally, living rooms are located in a closed or minimally limited room with a glass wall or floor to ceiling windows. But lately, the concept of the outdoor living room is increasingly being liked because of some of its uniqueness. Living room with an outdoor concept allows us to connect outdoors directly without using walls at all.

Some outdoor living rooms take classic natural concepts, but some take a more modern theme.

7 Outdoor Living Room Ideas to Make It Limitless

The following are some living room concepts that you can apply to design your home.

1. Outdoor living room by the pool

outdoor living room furniture

An outdoor living room by the pool offers a beautiful and attractive landscape. You can relax in the living room while watching your family swim or look at the beauty of the garden around the pool.

2. The classic yet natural living room

outdoor living room ideas

This classic yet natural theme living room will be suitable for those of you who like classic and natural things. In addition, to using furniture with a classic theme, you can strengthen the natural impression by adding some natural plants to the living room.

3. The simply amazing semi-outdoor

outdoor living room sets

A simple living room might be one of the right decoration choices for you. Although simple, your room will look elegant if you use minimalist furniture. Use a white or cream theme to strengthen the impression of minimalism in the room.

4. The living room designed with patio

outdoor living room design

You can have a living room by combining it with a patio. Adding some classic themes to furniture will strengthen the impression of the mid-Mediterranean design in your home. Some furniture from wood or rattan might be a good choice.

5. The natural living and dining room

outdoor living room fireplace

You can apply natural and simple concepts to living rooms like this. This outdoor space can not only function as a living room, but also a dining room. Some beautiful plants with natural bricks will strengthen their natural impression.

6. The natural floor and fireplace

outdoor living room furniture set

The use of real wood applied to the floor will strengthen the outdoor theme that you apply. You can put a fireplace with a natural design between the living and dining room. Some hanging plants may be able to help give a partition between indoor and outdoor.

7. Folding window in the living room

outdoor living room

You can apply the idea of folding floor to ceiling windows to provide an outdoor atmosphere for your home. If you want an outdoor atmosphere, you can simply open the folding window, then you can enjoy the outdoor barbecue. When you don’t want to be in outdoor, you just need to close the window.

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You definitely want to immediately apply one of these ideas in your home. Find the best designer to help you realize your dream living room.

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