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8 Best Open Kitchen Design Ideas – Decor Solution for Small Kitchens

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Open Kitchen Design ~ You can still cook comfortably in a kitchen that is not too wide with the open kitchen concept. Some of the open kitchen design ideas below will inspire you before making an open kitchen., The open kitchen is an open kitchen design that blends with another room. The first time the open kitchen was applied in several restaurants. The function of an open kitchen in a restaurant is to facilitate communication between chef and customer. Because there is no partition, customers can immediately order food directly and see the cooking process.

Currently, the design of a kitchen with an open kitchen concept is increasingly preferred because it can save a lot of space. Some contemporary kitchens use open kitchen design concept so that the process of cooking and eating can be done at once.

For simple homes or small studio apartments, the open kitchen is the solution to the limitations of the room. By using an open kitchen, several rooms can be combined into one. You can save a lot of space. However, the open kitchen still looks elegant and modern despite combining several rooms.

Open Kitchen Design Ideas to be Applied in Your Home

Some of the best open kitchen design ideas you can apply in your home. Look at these ideas!

1. The modern open kitchen

modern kitchen design

The modern open kitchen combines colors with modern furniture. The choice of floor and cabinet design makes it more elegant. Such designs are often found now.

2. A mixture of red and blue in the kitchen

simple kitchen design

The combination of red and blue in the open kitchen looks really cool. Giving a little partition – but not excessive makes these two areas functionally separate.

3. The classic kitchen

kitchen design interior

You might add a classic atmosphere in your kitchen. This classic open kitchen idea like this might be suitable for those of you who like classic atmosphere. All your childhood memories will wake up again in this kitchen.

4. Simple open kitchen for the large room

kitchen design minimalist for the large room

The existence of a simple open kitchen in a large room will make the house more spacious. You can freely work serving food in a spacious kitchen. The use of minimalist furniture with a little touch of wood makes this kitchen more elegant.

5. You can use large windows for the kitchen

open kitchen restaurant design

If you use many large windows for your kitchen, it’s lighting will get better. You can cook and eat while looking at the outdoor’s landscape. Also, arrange the right floor to bring a natural atmosphere in your modern kitchen.

6. A Luxury open kitchen

kitchen design ideas for small kitchen

You might think of presenting a luxury kitchen at home. This luxury open kitchen design might suit you who likes luxury at home. Note the elegant and amazing details!

7. The use of many cabinets for the kitchen

modern kitchen design

The use of a cabinet that many in the open kitchen can make it neater. All kitchen equipment can be arranged neatly in place so that the kitchen becomes more elegant. You can apply this design example.

8. The casual open kitchen

simple kitchen design

You who like simple things may need a casual kitchen like this. This casual and simple kitchen looks clean and elegant.

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You can applied these open kitchen design ideas in your home. You can adjust the color of the kitchen with floors and walls to make it more elegant.

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