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Home Automation Systems: The Definition, Benefits, and Types

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Home Automation Systems ~ What is the home automation system, the benefits, and its types? We will help you understand it.

What is home automation systems?

PurpleRoomDesign.com, Home automation systems are automation systems for energy efficiency and simplifying work in a home. The use of home automation is to integrate all devices in a house to be controlled through a computer network.

Some devices that can implement home automation are lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, locking systems, and so on.

Benefits of the home automation system

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The use of a home automation system will provide the following benefits for your smart house.

1. Home automation for security

With the existence of a smart computer system, your home will be protected from access to people you don’t want.

You can make a locking system with face, retina, or fingerprint recognition in certain rooms in your home. Thus, only people who have access can enter these rooms.

Another feature of home automation is monitoring and alarm systems. If there are people who do not have access to try to enter your house, the monitoring system and alarm will notify you.

You don’t even need to be at home if this system is integrated with the internet network to your smartphone.

2. Home automation for convenience

Home automation systems can be integrated with various devices in your home. For example, when the temperature in the room is too cold, the heating system will find out. They can even directly turn on the heating system automatically.

So by using home automation, you will be more comfortable when at home.

3. Home automation for ease

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In many cases, children, aged, and people with disabilities may not work on some easy work at home. For example, they have difficulty finding a remote to turn on some electronic equipment.

By integrating some of these electronic equipment into artificial intelligence, they will more easily undergo various activities at home.

4. Home automation for efficacy

A house integrated with a smart system will save large amounts of energy in a year. The system will automatically set when to turn on or turn off the lights.

You also don’t need to look for remote control to turn on or turn off the air conditioner because the system will better understand it.

Types of home automation systems

Home automation is widely used in the following types of automation.

1. Smart locking system

home automation raspberry pi

The smart locking system will replace the conventional locking system. You don’t need to use the key to enter the house. Because the use of keys has a low-security probability.

By implementing a smart locking system, you can use facial, retinal, or fingerprint recognition features when going into your home.

Smart locking systems can also open garage doors automatically when they realize your car will enter the garage.

2. Home climate control

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Home climate control is the heating and cooling system automatically inside your home. You don’t have to bother to turn on the heating system when your room temperature is quite low. Conversely, when the room temperature is quite high, the system will immediately turn on the cooling system.

Thus everything becomes easier and more efficient.

3. Lighting control

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Lighting control includes setting lights in the house that you can choose. You can set the lights in a certain room to switch on when going into the room and automatically switch off when you exit.

Another advantage of using lighting control is that your smart system will adjust the level of light in your room. If your room is bright enough, they will automatically dim the lights.

4. Window shades control

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Maybe some people will bother to adjust the sun’s lighting at home. By using this smart system, they will open or close the sunblind automatically according to your wishes.

Thus you do not have to bother having to adjust the sun’s lighting in the room.

5. Sound system control

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The sound system controls give you ease in setting up the sound system in your home. You can turn on your favorite song while taking a shower with just one click.

In addition to choosing music channels on Youtube or radio, you can arrange to hear the song in any room in your home. Some people in private rooms may not like the song of your choice. So they can choose their favorite song.

6. Home security system

home automation using raspberry pi

You may be uncomfortable or angry if people who don’t have access enter your very private room. With a home security system, you can manage everyone’s access to the rooms in your home.

So you don’t need to be afraid that someone can enter your bedroom while having a party at your house.

This system can also recognize thieves who will enter your house and notify you by the sound of their sophisticated alarm. They can even directly make an emergency call for you.

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Hopefully, this explanation is useful for your guide before applied to the home automation systems.

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