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10 Stunning Front Door Design Ideas 2019 for Your Spectacular House

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Front Door Design ~ Are you looking for the best door design for your home? One of these door designs will attract your attention., The door is the main link between the interior and the exterior of the house. The existence of a door is very important because it is a place to go out and enter the house. Therefore, all houses must have a door.

In its design, the door must consider through two aesthetic design – interior and exterior. Therefore, the design of the door is one of the most difficult when designing a house. Because the theme of door design must blend with the theme of exterior and interior design.

The front door is the most important door of home design. Although sometimes a house also has a side door or back door.

As the main door, the design of the front door must also pay attention to the aesthetics and themes of a house. If the design does not match the theme of the house, curb the appeal of the house is also not good.

10 Fantastic Stunning Front Door Design Ideas

You may need the latest front door design ideas that can be a consideration for your home. Some of the following ideas might help you.

1. Classic renew front door with glass

wood door design

This door is a renewal of the classic door design. Formerly the door design with glass was very popular in Europe during the 18th century. With a renewal, this door design looks fresh and modern.

2. The minimalist wood door

front door designs

The minimalist door design will be suitable for your home with a modern concept. Although it looks minimalist, the process of making doors is very difficult because a lot of carvings must be formed. But the result is the door looks nice and sturdy.

3. The decorative door

door designs for rooms

If you don’t like the mainstream door design, try asking your carpenter to make some arts on it. The result is your door will look different and beautiful with some decorative designs.

4. Old Indian classic style

main door designs for home

Classic door design with old India architectural carvings you might need for your door. This design looks cool and not too old fashioned.

5. The elegant front door

double door design

This door design looks elegant and charming, although the carving is a little difficult. The combination with glass on both sides adds an elegant impression to this door.

6. The red door with Europe classic style

front door design photos

Brown doors are very commonly used in many homes. If your door is bright red it will look different from other houses. The red door will blend with the classic European architectural style.

7. The minimalist modern doors

main entrance door design

Modern minimalist doors are the most simple and easy to make. But this door is able to give a simple but elegant impression at the same time. You can combine it with a modern design window on both vertical sides.

8. Old castle door design idea

door design images

If you want to apply pure classic design to your home can use old castle door design like this. Your house will look grand and classic.

9. The modern door with the smart locking system

wooden door designs pictures

For your modern architectural style house, try a modern door with the smart locking system like this. You no longer need to use a conventional key to open or close the door.

10. The wooden door with glass insert

main door designs for indian homes

The use of wooden doors is very common for front door design. To be different, you can make a glass insert on your wooden door. The wider the glass material on your door will make it more different.

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It seems that you already have the best door choice for your home. You just need to find the best wood material for your door to make it more durable.

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