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5 Ways of Bay Window Treatments to Maximize Its Function

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Bay Window Treatments ~ Are you having trouble making the right decorations for your bay window? The following treatments will help you find the best cover for your bay window., The windows with beautiful and attractive designs will beautify an entire house. Therefore, to make good home design, all aspects must be considered – including window design.

Currently, the design of a flat window may be the choice of some people because it gives a modern impression. The flat window design is also not difficult and the construction is also easy. However, not everyone likes the design of the flat window. The rest prefer the bay window.

Bay window is a classic window design that has been used to design a house for hundreds of years ago. Therefore many classic European or Victorian House houses use the bay window concept at this time.

Unlike the easy of flat window treatments, the bay window may have to be a little tricky. Because the model is circular or pentagonal, you can’t carelessly to beautify the bay window. Errors in the bay window treatment will make your design look messy and weird.

5 Bay Window Treatments to Ponder for Your Panes

The following bay window treatments might help you decorate bay windows in your home.

1. Use two wide curtains for the window

bay window curtain ideas

You only need to use two pieces of wide curtains that are enough to cover the whole bay window. Use a straight curtain pole that extends from both ends of your bay window.

2. The valances for half-round bay window

bay window curtain track

You can use the valances of the same color as the wall to beautify your half-round bay window. The existence of valances also makes your interior decoration luxurious.

3. The sun blinds for the window

ceiling mounted curtain track

Sun blinds are the right choice for a bay window if you don’t want to use the curtain in your design. Use horizontal blinds with colors that match the wall so that your bay window looks more beautiful.

4. The combination of valances with sun blinds

bay window seat cushion

You can combine the use of valances with sunblind in your bay window. Sunblind functions as a light block while valances can beautify your home decor. Choose valances that have the same tone as the color of the wall in order to make your decoration look perfect.

5. Use curtains on each side of the bay window

bow window curtains

The final way of bay window treatments is to use curtains on each side of the bay window. If you use the bay window as many as 3 sides, then you also have to install 3 curtains. Thus, the function of the curtain will be maximum.

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Now you just need to find the right cover to decorate your bay window. Be sure to decorate with the appropriate colors so that your home interior is more beautiful.

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